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Listening, organizational and interpersonal skills, problem solving, communication abilities, strong nerves, discretion, and confidentiality are just some of the qualifications that characterize the Executive Assistant, a professional figure, which in Casa Optima, is represented by Lucia Paoloni and by Michela Ronghi.

We interviewed them to get to know them better and to understand what their secret is to be always smiling and helpful, despite their organizational commitments and increasingly busy schedules!  



Covers the role of Executive Assistant of the CEO Francesco Fattori and some of the members of the Board of Casa Optima, Massimiliano Riccò, Mario Morelli and Andrea Masini. She remembers very well the day she arrived in the company: “It was February 2020, exactly a week before lockdown began! My entry was rather unusual, considering that after just a few days I was obliged to continue my preparation in remote, getting to know my colleagues and the members of the board via telephone or video”. Previously, Lucia worked as an Executive assistant in Rome, for an engineering and hotel holding company. After this experience, she returned closer to home, in the Marche, gaining experience in overseas customer service for two different companies. In her free time, she adores travelling, speaking different languages, playing volleyball, reading, and watching lots of TV series!  

What does it mean to be an Executive Assistant?

It means dealing with the daily management of the agendas of the CEO and the members of the Board, i.e., arranging meetings, organizing business trips and transfers, planning the activities that emerge from their meetings, as well as drawing up the agenda for discussions for the conferences. At the same time, I follow other interesting activities which require dedication and flexibility in this dynamic environment of our group. One of the most recent is part of a larger development, the ESG project and it consists in the implementation of electric and hybrid cars in the company car fleet. I found it very interesting, because it allowed me to establish relationships with colleagues operating in different sectors from mine.    

Which are the most complicated aspects of your job?

The most complicated aspect is when I have to quickly adjust the agendas of my superiors adapting them according to the urgencies and necessities that gradually emerge. A complex job that requires patience and diplomacy.  My daily mantra is a phrase from Confucius: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life! 

Which qualities are necessary in your job?

I believe that confidentiality is an essential quality in my job. This is followed by patience, flexibility, precision, but also empathy and being able to listen to the people around me.  

An adjective to describe your CEO?

One word is not sufficient… I would say challenging, exigent, inspiring. In short, a true force of nature!


Was hired on the 12th of August 2013, in the heart of summer, as executive assistant for the MEC3 pastry line Gustosia. She later held the role of executive assistant for the MEC3 Italian sales team, up to the current position of Business Unit Assistant guided by Fabrizio Finelli for MEC3, Giuso International and DOuMIX? and by Giuliano Tosi for Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani, Giuso Italia, Modecor and Ambras.

“Before arriving in Morciano I had tried my hand at Customer Service, but to become an executive assistant in the commercial field has always been my greatest ambition. It wasn’t easy, but with perseverance and determination the results finally arrive and now with great satisfaction I am part of the group Casa Optima. Thanks to my job I also have the possibility to speak different languages, which is one of my greatest passions. In my free time I enjoy travelling, reading, practicing Pilates, swimming, taking long walks and dancing!

What does it mean to be an Executive Assistant?

My role is very stimulating, in an extremely dynamic work environment. I deal with activities related to the Sales Force of the entire group, starting with the organization of business trips, events, sales meetings, and the management of the agendas and from time-to-time various other activities, facing new tasks and challenges every day. After two difficult years due to Covid, it was exciting organising the meetings in presence, and the transfers for the sales network which has finally started to travel again. Human contact with colleagues and the clients from around the world has been missed greatly. Now that we are back to normal, I’d like to contribute towards implementing the activities of Team Building for the Sales Network of all the brands, to promote integration between the teams, to improve communication and increase production.

Which are the most complicated aspects of your job?

The most complex aspect is without doubt the organization of the transfers, events, meetings, the management of the agendas and daily activities, because it requires maximum precision, flexibility, and lots of patience: but the passion for my work makes everything a lot easier! I’m really proud to be part of this team and to be a point of reference for the sales team for each brand of the group, because they are the real key to the success of Casa Optima.

Which qualities are necessary in your job?

I’m a perfectionist, and what I like most about my job is organizing all the activities concerning the sales network, perfectly. It’s a demanding job, but I try to measure up to it and to transmit my passion to those around me. I must always be capable of understanding what is the best contribution to make in every moment, in order to carry out my duties in the best possible way.   

An adjective to describe your ‘bosses’?

Being constantly in contact with my bosses, I know how much effort they put into their work to reach their objectives; therefore, I would like to use three adjectives: brilliant, ingenious and… demanding!