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VAT number: 01622060406

VAT number: 01622060406
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Casa Optima has always focused on the enhancement of skills, quality of work and in-house career opportunities. For this reason, we are proud to present "Campus Optimi", our new managerial training programme, dedicated to the key figures in the organization.  

This path has been created to spread a cutting-edge managerial culture, appropriate for the challenges of the company, and to encourage the growth of skills necessary for the challenges of the global market, in which we have been operating for years.  

On July the 19th, at our headquarters in San Clemente, 28 employees selected from our MEC3, Giuso and Modecor brands took part in the first presentation day of the programme. 

The main objective was to encourage interaction between the people from different corporate functions and to train the two teams that will follow the programme in the next four workshops, which will take place from September until the end of the year. 

We believe strongly in this managerial training project, which has been made to measure for our people and our organisation”, - says Mario Morelli HR Director of the Casa Optima Group“Investing in our human capital has always been a fundamental pillar of our strategy of doing business, and this programme is a tangible example of that. We will experiment new training methods based on concrete projects and themes, replicable within our reality.” 

“We are enthusiastic about this initiative, which represents an important step forward in the Group’s growth strategy and we are certain that Campus Optimi will bring tangible benefits to our people and to the company overall”, – explains  Mario Morelli – “We will continue to invest in the skills of our employees , the driving force behind the company’s success, to enable  them to successfully  meet current and future challenges and to continue our steady growth. This is the first edition, and we hope that others will follow, in order to involve more people and to offer opportunities of growth also to new entries.”