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VAT number: 01622060406
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Casa Optima Forest expands
reaching the target of 3500 trees

In accordance with the global strategy of the Sustainable Development goals, we have decided to expand our Forest further!

Casa Optima Forest expands reaching the target of 3500 trees

The new trees are added to the 1750 trees planted in December 2022 together with Treedom, making the total number 3500! The trees we plant have great ambitions: to bring benefits not only to the environment, but also to the people who live in it. Local communities take care of the trees, develop new skills, and build a future that is environmentally sustainable as it is economically. Today they are seedlings, but tomorrow our trees will provide food, shelter, and income opportunities, as well as help remove CO2   from the atmosphere.

Our work contributes towards the pursuit of 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals indicated by the United Nations. This is why we have chosen to plant mainly in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. In these territories we can plant more trees (for the benefit of the entire planet) and generate a greater social impact. The projects are run in partnership with organizations with a social purpose, such as, NGO or farmers associations, often local or long- established in the area. In order to coordinate  and follow up on  the correct progress of the projects, to monitor the health of the trees, meet the partners, and provide  some training sessions, Treedom’s Forestry  Managers carry out several assignments throughout the year (you can follow them by connecting  to the Casa Optima  website  in the section dedicated to our forest

The road will be long, but we are building a better world, and together, we can make a difference!

The Casa Optima Forest Targets: 

  • Defeat poverty
    Farmers can multiply harvest times and income opportunities. 
  • Defeat hunger
    Trees improve the productivity of existing crops, and their fruits enrich the farmer’s diets.  
  • Quality education
    Farmers learn how to build a nursery, practice grafting, and manage forests assets in a sustainable way. 
  • Gender equality
    Women acquire skills and responsibility, gaining an opportunity for economic independence.  
  • Fight against climate change
    The trees improve the quality of the air and help lower temperatures by removing CO2 from the atmosphere.  
  • Life on earth
    Trees combat soil erosion and desertification. They provide shelter and nourishment for various plant and animal species, promoting biodiversity.  
  • Partnerships for the objectives
    The projects involve NGO’s, associations, institutional stakeholders, and local populations in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Italy.  
  • Dignified work and economic growth
    By harvesting and selling the fruit, farmers diversify their economic income and, in some cases, launch micro -entrepreneurship initiatives.  
  • Reduce unfairness
    Local populations gain an income opportunity and acquire skills to build a sustainable future. 
  • Responsible consumption and production
    Farmers use recycled materials and locally available resources, limiting travel to a minimum.