A modern lighting re-lamping project carried out in cooperation with ESCO Solution, will reduce lighting consumption by over 50%, resulting in energy savings of around 140 MWh/annually. 

The Casa Optima Group achieves another important goal in its ES programme, in this case aimed at optimising electricity consumption and improving the lighting performance of the illumination system at its headquarters in San Clemente (Rimini).  

The intervention focused on upgrading the internal lighting system of offices, production departments, warehouses, and shared areas. Each work environment has been classified according to the normative UNI EN 12464-1 and has been equipped with new high-efficiency LED lamps (980 internal lighting points and 353 emergency lights with automatic self-test function on operation) for lighting verification of regulatory requirements and visual comfort, with consequent adjustment of the plants’ safety parameters. 

This re-lamping intervention will lead to a reduction of over 50% in annual lighting consumption, with approximately 140 MWh/per year in energy savings, equivalent to 62 tonnes less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, corresponding to around 397 trees or 1 hectare of forest.  

A very significant figure deriving from the lower energy consumption of the LED lamps, with better lighting performance and levels of illumination of the work surface, complying with the current regulations for indoor work environments. 

Thanks to this major modernization project, which has affected around 95% of the factory premises, we will not only benefit in terms of energy saving and environmental protection, but also in terms of maintenance costs,” explains Ciro Neri, Casa Optima Group HSE Manager. “Additionally, with the installation of LED lamps, we will obtain a better quality of light as the light emitted by the LED source has a high colour rendering, which is fundamental for the human eye to perceive colour. We focused strongly on this project, and we saw the results immediately. With the completion of this project, finally, all the Italian Casa Optima factories have achieved the objective of replacing neon lighting with LED lamps”. 

For the planning and implementation of this re-lamping project, Casa Optima chose to collaborate with ESCO Solution, Energy Service Company of the Group Combigas that offers state-of-the-art solutions for energy efficiency in companies for the realisation of renewable energy production plants.