In Casa Optima we are seriously committed to improving the environment in which we live, and we are proud to announce that we have significantly reduced the emission of CO2 produced by the three Italian production sites, passing in just six months from 1.424.77 kg of CO2 emitted to 49.702 kg, thanks to the purchase of electricity from 100% renewable sources only.

Read more in the interview with Ciro Neri, HSE Manager Mec3

In the context of the ESG project of Casa Optima, Ciro Neri deals with ‘Green Certificates,’ and as HSE Manager, he follows and conducts all the projects related to the environment.

In this specific case, his task consists in dealing with electricity suppliers who have been asked through the purchasing department, to supply only energy produced from renewable resources, so-called ‘green energy.’

Consequently, from the 1st of January 2022 the electricity of the plants Giuso in Bistagno, Mec3 in San Clemente and Modecor in Cuvio is produced from 100% renewable energy sources, with Guarantee of Origin Certification (GO).

“Having green energy also means higher costs, but this green choice is transformed into something qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative, because it positively affects the environment in which we live and the quality of life; quantitative, because it’s possible to quantify the reduction of the CO2 emitted and the result produces a real WOW effect!’: to pass in just six months from 1.424.77 kg to 49.702 kg of CO2 means almost zero emissions for the electricity needs of Casa Optima. 

We have all worked hard, without the involvement of extra resources, and the results have made us enormously proud, confirming further this excellent choice to go green.”