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VAT number: 01622060406
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Teresa Bracaloni is the winner of the Artistic Competition 

“Making Life Sweeter Together” 

Teresa Bracaloni, a student from the Fashion Design Course of LABA – Academy of Fine Arts in Rimini, is the winner of the first edition of the artistic competition ‘Making Life Sweeter Together’, promoted by the group Casa Optima and launched in April 2022. 

The project, entitled “A Galactic Journey”, convinced the jury composed of the Chief Executive Officer of Casa Optima Francesco Fattori, the MEC3 Marketing Director Cristina Tosi, the Professor Ivana Pantieri and the CEO Alberto Tivoli of Life - Independent Thinking. 

The theme of the competition was the world of Sweet Arts (gelato, pastry, decorations, and beverages), through the creation of an image that could convey joy, happiness, deliciousness and all the emotions related to the moment of eating a gelato cone, a slice of cake, or drinking a hot or cold beverage. A colourful world, made up of high-quality raw materials, passion, craftsmanship and continuous innovation.  

The work of art will be presented and unveiled to the public in the spring, on the occasion of an official event, at the headquarters of the Group Casa Optima in San Clemente (RN). 

The winner, in addition to seeing her project realised and exhibited, will receive  a cash prize for the sum of 2000,00 euro.