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VAT number: 01622060406
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The Group Casa Optima which have always been active in promoting projects and initiatives in support of culture, art, young people, and the territory, has chosen to donate to the Sarti School of Music in Faenza the proceeds of the fund-raising campaign, launched in May, in support of the communities affected by the floods in Emilia Romagna.  

The employees from the San Clemente, Varese and Bistagno offices donated the equivalent of one hour’s pay and the sum collected was tripled by the Group. 

The Sarti School of Music in Faenza is a well-known institute that welcomes around 500 aspiring musicians every year, constituting a cultural and social meeting point for the city and surrounding area. The flood in May 2023 caused extensive damage to this structure: of a total 2000 square metres, 1000 were damaged, with a total of 15 classrooms, equipped with among other things, 10 grand pianos and 30 violins. 

Casa Optima’s contribution will go partly towards the purchase of quality violins, which will enable the students to resume their studies, and partly towards the promotion of the 'Soavi armonie' concert season that will take place from October to December at the MIC (International Museum of the Ceramics of Faenza), and the realization of a concert event in collaboration with Casa Optima to be held on Tuesday the 12th of September, in the settings of the International Museum of Ceramics of Faenza.