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Easter 2023

Trends in Gelato, Pastry and Decorations

What are the trends in gelato, pastry, and decorations for this Easter 2023? 

We asked Cristina Tosi Marketing Manager MEC3, Daniele Savioli – Marketing Manager Giuso, and Alessandra Sberna  -  Marketing Manager Modecor, and we received some excellent suggestions for celebrating  this festivity in a traditional but at the same time, original way. 


Cristina Tosi, Marketing Manager MEC3 

“The symbols of Easter have always been the dove-shaped cake and the chocolate egg. Two traditional and delicious proposals that when reinterpreted in an imaginative and innovative way , also become the protagonists in the ice cream parlour showcase.  The traditional dove-shaped easter cake is renewed, tempting even the youngsters, thanks to an inviting and fresh gelato filling, and the semifreddo proposed in an unprecedented half-egg shape, filled with gelato, and decorated with the symbols of Easter and spring is an absolute must. The MEC3 products most suitable for these preparations are without doubt the Mascarpone Premium for the dove cake, a rich and delicious product made with fresh mascarpone, and for the semifreddo all the creams of the Quella family, perfect for coating and creating a beautiful shell effect. In both cases, goodness and aesthetics coexist perfectly, satisfying the desire to offer a traditional but certainly not a banal dessert”.  


Alessandra Sberna, Marketing Manager Modecor  

“Chocolate eggs and dove-shaped cakes are the must-haves of Easter. Artisanal Easter eggs of different shapes and sizes and the dove-shaped Easter cakes have become increasingly popular, pushing the boundaries between traditional and modern confectionery. Therefore, Modecor was prepared, and the product lines have been developed to embellish and decorate the easter eggs both large and small. We have also developed new sugar figurines and plaques, studied for decorating the easter cakes, as well as the pastry creations found every day in the showcase. 

To ensure that our customers shops are always attractive, we have developed the range to cover every moment of consumption or type of dessert: sugar or chocolate paste for the decoration of biscuits and pastry products to be displayed in the showcase, decorations in chocolate or sugar for the vertical and horizontal showcase, where the cakes, single portions and mignon are on display, and finally the chocolate products to be  displayed on the counter”.      


Daniele Savioli – Marketing Manager Giuso 

“The search for unusual proposals that arouse the curiosity of the customers will be satisfied once again this Easter, thanks to the ‘bewitched’ easter cake with Livicreme Strega. 

A century of passion has succeeded in transforming the famous liqueur, Strega Alberti, into a light, silky, preservative free moist cream. A touch of class to make an Easter cake that will amaze and conquer the lovers of all-Italian goodness. A new reference that lends itself to enriching any traditional or modern creation, with the same full and intense flavour, the pleasant alcoholic note and same bright yellow colour of the famous liqueur, present at 30%. 

To give an ‘English’ touch to the most classic of Easter desserts, simply use Lemon Curd, a fresh and soft lemon cream with a rich zest, a citrus flavour, and a bright yellow colour. Inspired by British artisanal creams, it is ready-to-use, extra yummy and creamy, perfect for use with the spatula or the pastry bag.”