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We see them every day, each time we pick up a product, but we don’t imagine how much work is involved in creating food labels!

Manilla Candiracci, who entered Mec3 in 2017, joining the group of the Regulatory office, and subsequently in 2018 the Casa Optima R&D team, covering the role of Packaging Development Officer, explains what the key features are and what is meant by ‘ENVIRONMENTAL LABELLING’.


The label plays an increasingly significant role in customer communication. What are the fundamental characteristics that cannot and must not be missing? 

The label, together with the packaging, is the outfit of every product that arrives in the hands of our customers. For this reason, it is a fundamental tool, it represents the identity card of the product, and it must carry all the information in a transparent, clear, and legible manner, as well as being aesthetically attractive.


What does it communicate?

The label conveys all the necessary information for the use of the product. Specifically, in food products of the B2B channel, the label has the dual purpose of protecting the health of the final consumer through detailed information concerning the presence of allergens and to inform the artisans regarding the combination of ingredients that constitute the products. The labelling of food products is regulated by the EU Reg.1169/2011 on a European level, consequently the label is born in our office but in close collaboration with the Regulatory office, which participates in the drafting and control, so that everything complies with the regulation.


In how many languages is the label translated?

Our products are exported in different countries around the world, so we try to make the most of the space available on the packaging. For example, on the tins or buckets where the space is greater, we succeed in translating the information in 13 different languages.


How often are the labels revised and /or updated?

The labels are revised whenever the ingredients and allergens change or also if the dosage or weight of the packaging changes. Sometimes an update may take place for legislative reasons, such as when the issue of a new decree requires specific information to be added, as in the case of environmental labelling.


What is meant by environmental labelling of a product?

Considering the increasing sensitivity towards issues concerning the protection of the environment, and thanks to the determination to help the customer in waste recycling, it has been made mandatory by the legislative decree D. Lgs. 116/2020, to report all the information concerning the composition of the packaging on the label. This way the various components of the product’s packaging, such as the sleeve label and the packaging itself (bottle, bucket, tin, bag etc) must be mentioned on the label specifying their composition, to direct the customer towards the correct disposal of the packaging.


Are there any novelties in sight for the labels of the companies of the group Casa Optima?

When it comes to labels, novelties are always on the agenda because they are in continuous evolution. Recently we have updated the graphics of the packaging of the brands Giuso and Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani, but I can’t reveal anything else because a preview will be presented for the occasion of Sigep.