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“Making Life Sweeter Together”

Award ceremony, 14th June 2023

The art competition, ‘Making Life Sweeter Together,’ launched in April 2022, devised by the Group Casa Optima in collaboration with LABA – The Academy of Fine Arts in Rimini, ended on Wednesday the 14th of June with the award ceremony for Teresa Bracaloni, the Fashion Design student, who with her work of art, ‘A galactic journey,’ convinced the jury, winning the prize of two thousand euros and the opportunity to exhibit her project in the hall of the headquarters of the world’s number one multi-brand group in the production of ingredients for artisanal gelato and pastries. 

The theme of the work commissioned was the world of Sweet Arts, (gelato, pastries, decorations, and beverages), requesting the creation of an image that could convey joy, happiness, gluttony and all the emotions associated with the moment of consumption of an ice-cream cone, a slice of cake or a hot or cold drink. A colourful world, made with high quality raw materials, passion, craftsmanship and continuous innovation. 

Teresa Bracaloni’s work conquered the jury which included the Casa Optima CEO Francesco Fattori, MEC3 Marketing Director Cristina Tosi, LABA Professor Ivana Pantieri and the CEO of Life - Independent Thinking Alberto Tivoli, who gave the reasons for their choice as follows: 

“For having understood the assignment and for interpreting it in a personal and original way, transforming the emotions that our product categories transmit into a work of art. 

The Jury particularly appreciated the ability to translate the message ‘Making life sweeter together’, in a clear and direct way, with an artistic technique that winks at comic strips, creating a “galactic journey” where the protagonists are elements that pay homage to the spectacular and delicious products of the Casa Optima companies, emphasising their core values. 

With her work, Teresa Bracaloni takes the spectator into another dimension, into a spatial and galactic experience, tracing a path of sweetness that represents the Group’s authenticity and enthusiasm within a sustainable vision of our planet”. 

After the press conference, which was attended by numerous journalists both in presence and in remote, along with the Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of San Clemente, Stefania Tordi and the Jury, the award ceremony took place, including all the employees of San Clemente, who applauded the young artist with warmth and admiration. 

“Casa Optima is a place where every day we produce hundreds of tons of joy and sweetness. We focus on business, but we put our heart into it, focusing on four thematic areas that are very dear to us: Territory, Culture, Youth and Environment”, said the Casa Optima CEO Francesco Fattori. “Over the years, we have fielded many and various activities: from donations to hospitals during the pandemic, to the collaboration with UNICEF for the project ‘Plastic Schools’, from the gelato-making course at the Fondazione Nuovo Villaggio del fanciullo in Ravenna, to the birth of the Casa Optima Forest in collaboration with Treedom. It’s therefore normal that a company with these ambitions wanted to collaborate with another important local reality, trying its hand in a different field that would give space and visibility to young people”. 

Art and business united for a competition dedicated to the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rimini. “An exemplary and engaging experience that interprets the values of Casa Optima”, “added Ivana Pantieri the teacher of LABA – “The work presented involved all fields of study, demonstrating remarkable artistic skills making it difficult to select the winner. May it be an incipit for new editions!”

Also present among the guests the Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of San Clemente, Stefania Tordi, commented the event as follows: “I wish to thank Casa Optima for the invitation and the launch of this important competition. The Municipality of San Clemente has always believed and invested in culture and in the new generation, active in multiple projects, starting from the world of compulsory education. I believe it is particularly important that local companies make themselves available to activate paths such as this one, of which we proudly share the objectives achieved by Casa Optima and LABA”.