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On the tables at Christmas, Panettone is the undisputed king, to be enjoyed in the traditional version or with extraordinary flavour combinations that will amaze all the guests.  

We have asked some of our product specialists to interpret this iconic sweet in a modern way and we have invited the brand Ambassador DOuMIX? to create a Christmas cocktail to combine with their recipes. Here is the result: 


Mohamad El Baba better known as Momo, for his recipe was inspired by one of the most famous snacks in the world. Momo has been with MEC3 for nearly 12 years, he has been PS in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East; currently he is operating in Germany, Holland, and Austria. He is in love with his work because it allows him to distribute happiness and passion to the entire world.  

If you have an incurably sweet tooth, his panettone filled with two flavours of gelato, will be the right choice for you!  

Here are the ingredients: 

- Mama que buena Paste 

- Variegate Mama che buena  

- Gianduia Paste 

- Variegate Mec Rock  

- Quella  

- Base tuttopann F100  


A panettone that will conquer you with the first taste, filled with all the goodness of the creams made with some of the branded excellences of Giuso. By Andrea Piccinno, PS for central-Southern Italy, in the team of the Bistagno company since 2019, where he mainly deals with modern pastry and large leavened products, as well as gelato and chocolate.


If you want to ‘bewitch’ with your panettone like Andrea, use ‘Lievicreme Strega’: 

- Madagascar vanilla paste 

- Orange paste 

- Lemon paste 

- Lievicreme Strega 



A name that contains a promise of goodness! The Pantorrone of Henri Moussa, from the Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani team for Italy, Greece, Middle East, and Africa since 2019, is a panettone filled with semifreddo with nougat, which gives it a soft and crunchy consistency. A tribute to the Christmas tradition and the iconic products of the historic company.  

If you wish to copy him, here are the ingredients:   

- Base Semifreddo Crema/frutta -18 

- Nougat Paste 

- Variegate Nougat Rustego Cocoa 

- Fluid Stracciatella 


Paolo Carnelevare, PS for the brand Modecor, takes us to ‘Wonderland’ with a classic panettone, impeccably decorated with lots of beautiful characters, carefully chosen from the vast Modecor catalogue dedicated to special occasions and in particular to Christmas.  

If you wish to copy him, here are the necessary products: 

- Chocolate In Blisters 

- Characters In Gelatine  

- Characters In Sugar 

- Characters In Gelatine And Sugar 

- Powdered Colouring (Dust Glitter) 

- Fabric Ribbon  



A Christmas gift with a unique taste: inspired by this idea is the recipe of the cocktail studied by Marco Dongi, Brand Ambassador DOuMIX?, to combine with the Panettone during the holidays.  

If you wish to amaze your guests, here’s the exclusive recipe:  

- Vodka Infusion Panettone 

- Fresh Lemon juice 

- DOuMIX? Amaretto Syrup  

- Pomegranate juice 

- Whipped cream 

- DOuMIX? cream Ruby