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VAT number: 01622060406
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To grow professionally within the Casa Optima group is indeed possible, and there are many who have chosen to seize this opportunity, working with passion and dedication to reach their objectives. 

Amongst these figures is Simone Gazzosi, who after seven wonderful years as Area Manager in the group, now covers the role of Head of Export Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani since April 2022. A new experience that he has chosen to undertake because he is literally in love with our sector of Sweet Arts and gelato!


What does head of Export do?

To start with, I take care of coordinating my team by organizing work schedules and commercial strategies with them. Currently our team consists in a group of export managers and a salesperson for Germany. We work mainly with our distribution partners and wholesalers in various countries. It’s a question of promoting and gaining product loyalty by providing support, training, marketing strategies and on-site assistance. 


Which are the most important markets for PMGI? 

The countries where we are expanding most are Hungary, Poland, and Greece, whilst the ones we are focusing on most now are Germany, Spain, and France. We rely heavily on the resumption of the trade fairs, which are particularly important for establishing contact with old and new customers. 


What does it mean to work for an iconic brand like PMGI?

PMGI is a brand that carries the strength of Italian food traditions and culture: when you say ‘Pernigotti’ everyone knows it and immediately associates it with chocolate. An aspect of this brand that immediately won me over is that despite being tied to tradition, it is also very innovative. This year we have created unique things. For example, the Variegati Amore! Spreadable creams for gelato, with the crunchiness of the gelato cone, plus a really beautiful name! Research and Development, together with Marketing, has done an extraordinary job, confirmed by the super success that our new products are enjoying, such as the Kit Profumo di Sicilia and Bananao.


What targets have you set for this first year? 

My desire is to create a harmonious work group and to make PMGI return to the glories of the past, not only as a brand but also in terms of turnover. To do this I want to bring the sales team to the centre of the company. We must be present: my team and I will not only go to visit our partners, but also the gelato parlours, to connect with the customers and to be in the playing field. Since we have a solid and important history behind us, we must make it known and transfer it to our customers, together with the innovation, technical support, and the commercial activities: in short, there are all the conditions to do an excellent job!