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A good gelato starts with the ‘Base.’ How many times have we heard this, in substance what are the bases and why are they so important? In view of the launch of the new lines by Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani, we have asked Edmondo De Lisi, who joined Pernigotti in 2004 as a technical adviser and in 2020 as a senior Product Specialist covering the role of tutorship and coordination of the technical group of PMGI, to talk to us about the latest trends and the requests from the market.


How important are the Bases for the success of a gelato shop?

The bases for gelato represent the natural evolution of the neutrals, the structure, and the heart of artisanal gelato. Their purpose is to thicken and tie together the various elements that make up the gelato, improving and simplifying the recipe. The range of bases is vast and varied to allow the artisanal gelato chef to cope with the changing tastes of the consumer and the seasons. They range from those studied to create milk-based gelato and fruit gelato; some make the gelato creamier, soft, and warm, others lighter and delicate.

Another innovation concerning the bases is their specificity to support the gelato maker in the preparation of gluten free gelato, lactose free and vegan free etc.


Based on which requirements should the gelato maker choose their partner?

Artisanal gelato a is a negative temperature business and to achieve it in an excellent way, the choice of the raw materials is fundamental. Semi-finished products are a perfect ally for the artisan, as they offer greater hygiene and reduce preparation times. Without doubt, what makes the difference is the history of the company, the knowledge of the world of gelato, the agent of reference, who is often also the consultant, and an ample product portfolio plus constant quality over time.

What are the current trends and what requests are arriving from the market?

From Vegan gelato without gluten, to single-origin dark chocolate to natural gelato, gourmet gelato, to crunchy flavour, cremini prepared with imaginative spreadable creams to fruit gelato with increasingly sought-after exotic flavours: the trends are numerous and always vary according to the season and depending on the place in which the gelato shop is found. The personalization of the flavours and the exponential request for sorbet gelato, which goes far beyond the world of dark chocolate and fruit, are the most striking novelties.


Which are the major characteristics of the bases by PMGI?

Simplicity, functionality, and quality are the hallmark of the bases by Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani. The selection of qualitative components, harmonized with one another to give a good structure to the gelato and to exalt the taste of every flavour, make our products premium with significant capacity to adapt to the various needs of the gelato maker. Our bases, composed and balanced from a point of view of ingredients, are ideal for preparing a gelato that is continuous in taste and structure, leaving space for the creativity of every gelato maker.

Amongst the many references of the range, which are the most important Bases and/or the most appreciated on the market?

The increase in demand for natural gelato has prompted more companies to invest in this type of product. Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani with the line Pura e Ricca (Pure and Rich) represents an important point of reference for the bases, a product of excellence for a market of excellence. The line is characterized for being made with natural ingredients, without additives, emulsifiers, and vegetable fats. With short, clean, and transparent labels.

What kind of service is offered to the customer?

The service offered to the customer represents great added value thanks to the Product Specialists, available to carry out ‘demos’ directly in the customer's workshop, and to control the quality of the products and to optimize work organization. Additionally, our Research and development laboratory can satisfy every request by creating personalized bases and products.

New Bases: which are the pluses and why should a gelato chef choose them?

Without doubt, the quality of the product is the plus that distinguishes us on the market. Today our line is based on certain types of bases that make the difference: the line Pura e Ricca, an important reference in the market of the natural bases, is enriched with a product that combines quality and ease of use: the Base Pura e Ricca 350. The Base Vegan was born to meet all the needs of the vegan world, proposing also classic flavours such as hazelnut, pistachio and gianduja. Finally, the Line Master Ice is an evolution of the PMGI bases, with an important structure and particularly resistant in the showcase, suitable for those that produce gelato in compact machines.