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VAT number: 01622060406
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National holidays, anniversaries, or special occasions: every day there’s a good excuse to enter the gelato parlour! More and more people, in fact, choose to give something sweet and delicious on special occasions, from the most traditional to the latest generation of festivities. That’s why to offer unexpected positive and negative pastry alternatives can be a support for your success!

Words of Giulio Schena, Product Specialist Mec3 since 2014: “The factors of success for a gelato parlour, or for any entrepreneurial activity, are passion and the ability to innovate. We need to reinvent and improve ourselves every day, because pastry and gelato chefs are artists and, as such they have the task of transforming the customers wishes into reality.”

How important are the ‘festivities’ for the business of a gelato parlour and which are the most important?

The festivities play a fundamental role, as they represent an additional opportunity to draw new customers into the store. Therefore, they must be celebrated with creativity by proposing new delicious and captivating ideas. In addition to Christmas and Easter, there are lots of other occasions:  Valentine’s Day, the 8th of March International Women’s Day, Grandparents Day, Mothers and Father’s Day, up to Halloween. Looking at the calendar we can easily identify at least one for each month, choosing amongst the most traditional and those of the new generation that have conquered people’s hearts and imagination.


The next festivity on the calendar will be Valentine’s Day. What do you suggest the artisans prepare to make the customers fall in love at first sight?

Valentine’s Day is an important commercial opportunity and therefore it’s essential to be prepared on time to present an original proposal that stands out amongst the daily offers. Without doubt La Gelatisserie by Mec3 offers the gelato chef significant support with its complete line that presents delicious proposals both for the eye and the palate, to create quickly and easily cakes, semifreddo desserts, single portions, tartlets and barattolotti. Original solutions, exquisite and visually impeccable for every occasion. Designed to increase the business of gelato and pastry makers giving them the advantage of quickly creating an offer that can be sold at any time of the day, suitable for every kind of consumer. To make the showcase dedicated to lovers seductive and irresistible, I recommend proposing gelato cakes glazed in red and heart-shaped single portions that will leave the customers speechless…

Giulio Schena has been a Mec3 Product Specialist since 2014, but his career in the world of artisanal gelato and pastry began much earlier when at a very young age, he learnt the trade in the best pastry shops of Martina Franca. He received his first international recognition in 2006 with a bronze medal at Expo Gast in Luxemburg and his entry in MEC3 is without doubt the culmination of a lengthy career. Today, besides offering his assistance to the clients, he is part of the team of teachers at the Casa Optima School, offering his experience and knowledge acquired over many years of passionate work to beginners and professionals.