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VAT number: 01622060406
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Luca Segantini, joined Mec3 in 2011 initially covering the role of Area Manager for Central Italy, since 2015 he is the Sales Manager for Italy, leading a team of eight Area Managers, 68 agents and six guerrillas, professionals specialized in activating new customers who work in close collaboration with the agents

We have asked him to reveal his secret of how he coordinates this team maintaining an atmosphere of collaboration and serenity:  

“The management of this complex sales network requires a lot of attention and continuous monitoring of the market dynamics and performance indicators of the various areas. However, we must not stop at numbers but go deeper and communicate with the network to understand, evaluate, and subsequently intervene to support the area manager or agent in difficulty. I have no secrets, but I have a good approach towards confrontation on different levels: attention to the individual strengthens the group, the message must be clear and unambiguous, no one in Mec3 remains alone because the entire team is involved in reaching the same objective together. Making a football comparison: a group wins the championship, the single only wins the game”.

How did you face the second lockdown and what ‘weapons’ did you use to confront the restart in view of summer 2021?

The second lockdown was particularly hard, both for the pandemic criticality and for our work where some fixed points such as events have been put into crisis.  We have missed greatly our meetings and the Sigep exhibition but then, thanks to the experience gained in 2020, we have continued to apply our work model in which we never abandon our customers, we stay in contact with them using all the technologies we have available. The relationship goes far beyond the simple supply of goods, and we are not just simple sellers, but true consultants.  

All the areas have expressed incredible resilience, consequently I am pleased, satisfied and very proud of the work of the entire Mec3 sales team for Italy.  

Following the digital events what kind of feedback did the launch of the new products have amongst the Italian clientele?

Although the emotional impact of the launch of a new product on the stand at Sigep is incomparable, the digital event was greatly appreciated by our customers thanks to the show in full Mec3 style in streaming, which gave the customers the opportunity to watch and rewatch in order to understand the full potential of the 2021 references.

We are in the middle of the summer season: are the figures encouraging?

Compared to 2020 we suffered much more during the first few months of the year, but now all the growth indicators are aligning with the values of 2019, and I am confident that this season will also be able to give us great satisfaction.  

Which of the new products are performing best?

We have launched many novelties but undoubtedly those performing best are Paw Patrol, the kit created for children which is also very popular amongst adults; the new Quella family flavours are in the top ten of the best sellers thanks to their tasty goodness and infinite application possibilities; Chocopretzel, is receiving a lot of appreciation and I am convinced it will remain in the showcase well after the summer season. Lastly, Granfrutta Avocado Party, an amazing flavour that has given a trendy touch to the showcases of our friends the gelato makers.

In view of the autumn, what will be the trend to follow to meet the customer’s needs?

Gelato is no longer just a seasonal product; however, the volumes clearly drop when it starts to get colder, but the home delivery service which many sales points adopted during lockdown helps us out, and which is still active also thanks to the awareness campaign carried out by Mec3. Additionally, thanks to our Product Specialists, we can prepare and supply our customers with many recipes for gelato flavours dedicated to every season.  We will focus particularly on revisited classics such as Ciuri Ciuri, the cremini made using the Quelle and the inevitable proposals of Crepes, Waffles, and chocolate in the cup. In short, we will stimulate the desire for a good gelato even after the summer.