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VAT number: 01622060406
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French by birth, Italian in the heart, Denis Grandjean is the Sales Manager for Mec3 France, Belgium, Luxemburg, French Switzerland, and overseas France. A vast territory that he began to preside over 25 years ago and which today he follows with the same enthusiasm together with a team that he is very proud of. 


‘I have deliberately created a heterogeneous group, made up of people with different backgrounds and profiles: the eldest is Mathieu, of Canadian origin, then there is Morgana, a true sales representative, Alfonso, who is also a product specialist, Arthur who comes from Armenia and fluently speaks 4 languages, lastly Letty, who deals with administration”.




How did the summer season go in France?


We can talk about a country divided in two, where places by the sea such as Corsica and the French Riviera, have worked a lot whilst the cities of art such as Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux have suffered due to the low influx of tourists owing to Covid. However, despite the delayed start and the adverse climatic conditions of late summer, the desire to enjoy a good gelato has never been lacking and we plan to close the season with a complete retrieval of the 2019 volumes. These numbers are very important it will give the entire team the encouragement to program an even more ambitious 2022.





How much does made in Italy matter in the food sector, especially in the world of gelato, in France?


Gelato is synonymous with Italy and ‘made in Italy’, it’s excellent, it represents a true brand in the food sector, on a par with ‘made in France’. The stores that sell only gelato are approximately 600 and they consider us as undisputed leader with important market shares both in direct and indirect sales through wholesalers in the sector. In France there is also a parallel world consisting of gelato soft, with hundreds of seasonal kiosks that in recent years have also been approaching the sale of artisanal gelato.  




What are your objectives for the autumn and for the new year?


For autumn we are aiming for a decisive consolidation of the business, whilst for 2022 we are working to maximize our presence in the territory to ensure that Mec3 can continue its ambitious path of growth in the coming years.  In these weeks we are preparing a new Route to market to attack the markets in a widespread manner. We have no set limits: retail, industries, new generation kiosks, and small pastry shops with a corner dedicated to gelato, these will be very important growth targets for us.




Which are the most popular Mec3 flavours in France?


Cookies The Original maintains its undisputed leadership followed by Extra Dark, Pistachio Sicilia, Salted butter Caramel, and Mama que Buena!