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From scary Halloween to traditional Christmas, for the occasion of these two important festivities the decorations are great protagonists in the pastry shops and gelato parlours. Each year Modecor updates its catalogue with new proposals, designed to bring out the theme of the festivity through the shape of the decorations, with small claims, and dedicated graphics. The colours are also certainly linked to the type of festivity: if red, green and lots of gold embellish the Christmas windows, orange, black and purple set the trend at Halloween. To find out more about the secrets, as well as the technical details, we spoke to Francesca Brunori, Brand Manager Modecor. 

What role do the decorations have when it comes to Festivities? 

Decoration in general always plays an especially significant role in pastry creations: it has the task of making the cake even more attractive and appealing, to the point of capturing the consumers attention, transforming the purchase into pure impulse. During the festive periods, this aspect is even more relevant as display cabinets are coloured according to the festivity, conveying even more directly the emotions and liveliness of the occasion in question.

How do the Modecor proposals come about? What are your sources of inspiration? 

To develop our products, we of course keep up to date with the latest trends in our sector, but we do not disregard finding inspiration by observing other businesses totally different from ours, such as the world of fashion and design. It is indeed extremely interesting to see how details so far removed from the world of pastry can be applied to the process of creating our decorations. To find the right inspiration, we organize brainstorming sessions with various people within the company and from different teams to get as many ideas as possible and different points of view.

Which are the scariest new products for Halloween 2023? What kind of products are most in demand? 

Chocolate decorations are certainly extremely popular during the festive season, and for this reason we have decided to launch new products made from this raw material to allow customers to create “scary” desserts. We have opted for simple plaques in the shapes most frequently used by our customers (rectangles and ovals), in either dark chocolate or orange- coloured cocoa butter, with fun embossed Halloween claims: “Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat and Boo.”  We have also thought of amusing shapes, ideal especially for single portions, in the shapes of the major Halloween symbols: the witch’s hat, bats, cobwebs, pumpkins…. Not only plaques, but also a kit that can be assembled in just a few simple steps to make a scary chocolate house, which can also be offered as an over-the-counter product, or kits to decorate single portions with ‘expressions’ that give life to the various creations of our customers.  

What will be the trend in the pastry and gelato showcase for Christmas?  

Red and gold will be the colours of Christmas, which when combined with a special ingredient such as chocolate, create a perfect combination to set the magical atmosphere in motion. This is exactly why we have created a line of decorations in red coloured cocoa butter with elegant gold graphics, to give the showcase that extra special touch, particularly sought after by the consumer at this time of year.

Kits of Stars and kits of assorted geometric shapes: a wide choice to allow our customers to decorate any cake, from leavened products such as the classic panettone, to single portions, biscuits, or cakes. And it doesn’t end here! We have also thought of very easy-to use kits for this festive season, again to ‘animate ‘our customers showcase: the Father Christmas Kit, which could not fail to be accompanied by his faithful reindeer, with the Kit Rudolf, and of course, a wide variety of characters not to be missed, perfect for celebrating Christmas.  

For the world of gelato, we have also considered the semifreddo desserts that can be proposed in the showcase, covered with attractive and emotional graphics  thanks to our transfers, which are suitable  to transfer onto the semifreddo desserts  and are made using a technology  that guarantees  the durability  and integrity  of the product  in the transition from negative to positive temperature.