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VAT number: 01622060406
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The United States is a vast and very diverse territory from a climatic, cultural, and legislative point of view. For this reason, even if the winter has been difficult everywhere due to the pandemic, the various States have dealt with the emergency in different ways.

We spoke to Carlo Peri who in 2019 moved to Miami with his family to cover the role of Managing Director Mec3 USA, after many years of experience as Area Manager for the Middle East and Africa.

After a particularly difficult winter, how has the summer season started in the USA and what are the predictions?

With the arrival of spring, most of the commercial activities have reopened with optimism thanks to an effective vaccination campaign and the consequent easing of restrictions, therefore we expect that the summer season will maintain this current trend of economic growth and we are also confident that there will be an improvement in the pre-pandemic commercial results.

Which flavours are performing best, and which are the most popular novelties?

The largest volumes have been established in the classic flavours, greatly appreciated within the Mec3 proposals are Vanilla, the strawberry paste, the chocolates, and pistachio, whilst amongst the variegates the inimitable cocoa and hazelnut cream “Quella” stands out. It’s still a little bit too early to talk about the performance of the novelties, but I can already say that Chocopretzel is amongst one of the most popular because, in addition to being very good, it contains a speciality which is very well-known and much appreciated here as a snack, the pretzel.

Exhibitions and events: what are the prospects?

If the health situation continues to improve, as we all hope, then probably it will be possible to plan events in attendance from the beginning of next year, but we will have to wait until autumn to be certain. In the USA specific sector exhibitions don’t exist like those that take place in Europe. Here events are organized in the food Sector at 360°: I am referring to the NRA (National Restaurant Association Show) of Chicago, or the International Restaurant & Food Service Show of NYC where last year we organized the NY International Gelato & Cake Design Competition’ which gave us wide visibility in the media, to finish with IBIE in Las Vegas, a bakery orientated exhibition. 

How important is Made in Italy in the USA and what does it mean, for our sector to be a company with Italian DNA?

For many Americans, Italy represents beauty, expressed in design and architecture whose maximum representation is good cuisine, with many food and wine specialities already present in the USA. This perception is more pronounced in the richer and more urbanized areas of the United States, where a very demanding clientele recognizes the ability of an Italian company such as Mec3 to offer an exceptional taste experience combined with attention, competence and human relations that are the characteristics of our DNA.

What is the biggest challenge of the USA market?

Considering the small number of artisanal gelato parlours present on such a vast territory, the greatest challenge is to sell the product to a differentiated clientele, that can use it in various applications: from patisserie to bakery, to restaurants and even to the world of beverages!