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VAT number: 01622060406
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Every season has its different flavours, and with the arrival of autumn, the showcases of the gelato parlours dedicate more space to the creams and chocolates proposing alongside the indispensable gelato, specialities served on a palate or in a cup to satisfy the desires of those in search of warm embrace.  

We have decided to discover the Autumn/Winter 2021-22 trends together with Cristina Tosi, Marketing Director of Mec3, a leading company in the sector that has lots of delicious novelties in store to make the autumn months pleasant.  

We often hear people talking about seasonal adjustment. But what exactly does it mean, when applied to the world of gelato?

Seasonal adjustment is certainly one of the leitmotivs of this period of the year during which it is important to support the points of sale with products that persuade the customers to enter the gelato parlours even if the temperatures start to drop. Gauffre, crepes and chocolate in cups are certainly products that exert a strong appeal on the public of all ages, but also gelato flavours made with seasonal fruits such as pumpkin, pomegranate or nuts, give added value to the showcase that wants to stand out thanks to an offer that follows the rhythm of the seasons.  

Lastly, it’s very important to take advantage of particular occasions for consumption such as Halloween.

Which Mec3 products are most suitable to enrich the offer during this time of the year?

Mec3 proposes three delicious, easy to prepare products: Mec Gauffre and Mecrepes, powder preparations to be diluted with water or milk, for creating fantastic waffles and crepes, that can be filled as desired with the spreadable creams of the line Quella or with your favourite gelato. The inevitable snack companion is undoubtedly Cioki, a delicious powder preparation for creating delightful chocolate in the cup, dense and embracing plus quick and easy to prepare.

Additionally, the entire line of La Gelatisserie, a range of highly innovative and practical solutions to facilitate the work of professionals and increase the appeal of the creations. Proposals aimed at creating an attractive showcase that delights the palate with proposals that can be sold at any time of the day and suitable for all types of consumers: Glitter Glaze for creating masterpieces to eat with your eyes, crema Gianduja Magic for the gluttonous, Instacrumble for those that love crunchy grains ; theFruttolotti, elegant 3D fruits, the practical Barattolotti, precious tiny caskets filled with infinite combinations of taste, the delicious Tartelline of shortcrust pastry with a creamy and customizable heart, up to the imaginative and triumphant Dripping Cake, multi-layered cakes with lots of decorations and an amazing icing that drizzles down the sides. 

Which treats do Mec3 propose to sweeten Halloween?

Every year our Product Specialists put all their imagination at the disposal of the ice-cream maker to create a thrilling recipe book with lots of ‘good scary’ proposals! Captivating names and new tastes that combine the goodness of the product with the care of the aesthetics, to conquer the palate and the eye at a first glimpse! Hell, Bone’s Cemetery, Killer Cream, Ghost Banana, Witch’s Apple, and Nightmare are the names of six recipes studied to create the flavours that must not be missing in the showcase on the scariest night of the year.