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VAT number: 01622060406
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Christmas is coming, and with it the desire to amaze the customers with delicious, eye-catching desserts. But how important is decoration in the success of a Christmas showcase? We have asked Alessandra Sberna, the Brand Manager for Modecor.

“We at Modecor like to say, “it looks as good as it tastes,” because a beautifully decorated showcase can really make the difference: a superbly finished dessert, with a delicious appearance, lights up emotions both in end consumers, when they find themselves in front of a showcase, and in the pastry chef when browsing through our catalogue. We must all work hard to arouse these emotions, and a magnificently decorated showcase, especially in this magical period of Christmas, cannot be anything else but emotional.


What are the trends for the 2021 festivities?

Colour is fundamental, and during this period of the year, red and gold are a must. We are inspired by different objects, which we transform into edible trends. This year, along with the traditional Father Christmas, elves and gnomes are extremely popular. Even Instagram has been invaded with videos that talk about mischievous elves! So, why not propose them on Christmas logs, biscuits, and other goodies? If, on the other hand, we desire a more sophisticated Christmas, then the theme must without doubt be gold, along with glitter, for those that love to sparkle.


What are the novelties proposed by Modecor?

This year we have decided to propose something different. Not just new decorations, but a communication project for our customers, inviting them to decorate their entire showcase. A kit which in addition to containing food proposals, offers window stickers and objects in resin, such as pretty little houses, because we strongly believe that decoration can be the driver for an emotional purchase and that the sales period can be extended, starting from the end of November. We have presented the project in our catalogue, setting up a real pastry shop, with products which cover all the moments of consumption of this period. The final message is therefore, not to decorate just the Panettone, but also the biscuits, the single-portions, and cakes, increasing the rotation in the showcase.


Which are the best Modecor sellers this Christmas?

The brand new Vestibiscotti, disks of sugar paste to apply to shortbread biscuits, with the graphics of Father Christmas, the Snowman and lots of other characters perfect for celebrating the holidays with good and beautiful products.