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VAT number: 01622060406
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The international scenario in which we have been living for the past two years has led us to reflect on what are the best actions to carry out as a Group, to make our presence and support felt not only in the sector in which we operate, but also in the society of which each of us is a part.

After the initiatives implemented on the Italian territory during the darkest months of the Pandemic, to support the hospitals, the Red Cross, and our local municipalities, this year for the upcoming festivities we have decided to give us all, the best gift possible: donating a smile to those who are in difficulty and suffering. It’s true that our mission is to “spread sweetness around the world,” and it’s equally true that it is right to do so not only with our delicious products, but also with charitable activities that fill the heart with the same amount of sweetness and goodness.

We have chosen UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, active in 190 countries and territories, recognized and respected globally, to support the project «Recycled plastic schools», in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, a project that involves the transformation of tons of plastic waste into safe and resistant bricks for the construction of schools, in which children can learn and play.

In collaboration with a company that recycles plastic, the Colombian Social enterprise, Conceptos Plasticos, in 2018 UNICEF launched this project and today over 5 tons of plastic waste (from sweet wrappings to car tyres) is transformed into Bricks. The objective of the project is to create a clean and healthy environment and to economically support the women and mothers by creating a market linked to the recycling of plastic.

We have chosen this project because it reflects our philosophy and our values:

-         We believe in school and education as a means to reach excellence. With our School– Casa Optima School of Sweet Arts, every day we spread the culture of artisanal gelato and pastry all over the world. Through training internships and the collaboration with universities we support young talents.

-        We believe in sustainability, and we want to help create a better world. Attention towards the environment is one of the major features of our group, which chooses to encourage virtuous behaviour and tools to counteract the environmental impact: reduction of energetic waste, use of renewable sources, the limitation of pollutants and the use of compostable and recyclable materials are just some of the objectives that govern every production and management process of Casa Optima.

-        We believe in people. We do things seriously, but we also believe in the strength of a smile. We work every day giving our best, with enthusiasm, determination, and the desire to collaborate. We are a friendly and dynamic group that likes to be close to people.


A gift dedicated to all those who are part of the great family of Casa Optima- customers, employees, and collaborators – because it’s also thanks to them that companies like ours can distinguish themselves in our sector, and not only.


Best wishes and happy holidays!

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