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We propose transversal and structured training on different levels in all of the four “sweet arts”: gelato, pastries, professional decorations, coffee specialities and cocktails.


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The Casa Optima® training project aims to improve continuously and to do so it has met up with another leader of professional training in Italy, the Gambero Rosso Academy, the most complete multimedia and multi-channel platform for content, service and training in the food and wine sector. This encounter has resulted in co-branded training courses scheduled in the Italian branches of Casa Optima® and the premises of the Gambero Rosso Academy where the professionals of both structures will collaborate to satisfy a mission they share: train professionals completely so that they are capable of meeting the market demands of tomorrow using the most advanced technologies. An innovative combination between two realities that are a point of reference in their sectors and that believe in exchanging know-how, instruments and ideas to give life to an innovative, transversal and prestigious training centre.


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We spread the knowledge of “Sweet Arts” through a team of forty highly qualified, international master gelato and pastry chefs, who know how to transmit know-how, experience and passion.

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