Who we are

Our experience, your success. From the experience and know-how of the group optima spa – which includes Mec3, Modecor Italiana, Giuso Guido spa and Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani - casa optima is born, a project which aims to create a high performance training and research centre, unique in the world and entirely dedicated to “sweet arts”: gelato and pastry making, professional decorations, coffee specialities and cocktails.

Through a transversal and structured training proposal on different levels, our target is to strengthen the business of already qualified professionals as well as to train those who approach these worlds for the very first time. Casa optima is not just training but it’s also innovation, a centre of research and development in all the sweet arts to anticipate the market trends and the preferences of tomorrow’s consumer. A nucleus of experimentation where it’s possible to create finished products in the ideal surroundings for expressing all your ideas and passion.

The method

Casa optima adopts a one to one teaching method: small classes with a maximum of 12 students all provided with fully equipped individual workstations to put into practice immediately what is taught. This teaching method is studied to transfer the highly professional contents in a simple and effective way also thanks to the use of multimedia tools. The training surroundings allow you to maximize comprehension of all the contents thanks to a high level of interaction between teacher and student. Gelato and pastry making, decorations and beverages, we are the most important training reality that offers courses for all tastes and levels. We also offer affordable personalized training packages for reaching your objectives in a smart and ambitious way.

Worldwide passion

The mission of casa optima is to spread the art of the italian sweet arts throughout the world, by organizing courses from rimini to dubai and from miami to shanghai, giving its students the possibility not only to become experts but also to live an international experience. Passion, innovation and professionalism made in italy with casa optima has no boundaries.