We are a sole group but we tell the stories and experiences of four different companies. We have different voices but we speak the same language, made of love for people traditions and quality. Our uniqueness makes our group strong and extraordinary. We work every day with attention and professionalism, pursuing a single goal: to enrich life with sweetness.


We want to be recognized by the international market and by our target audience as a brand leader of Italian artisanal gelato and excellent patisserie. Born from traditional Italian confectionery, made with genuine craftsmanship we pursue continuous improvement with our passion for research and innovation. We do things seriously, but we also believe in smiling. We work every day giving our best, with dedication, decision, and the desire to collaborate. We are a group that wants to be close to people, and we are considerate and friendly, always ready to listen and to support our customers, responding promptly to their needs.


The philosophy of Casa Optima originates from five keywords, which reveal our commitment and our passion: a love of authenticity, of the ingredients, traditions and creative procedures, which we constantly test and update , respecting the values; we have a glocal vocation capable of transforming the Italian style that characterizes us as an excellent value also abroad; a constant dynamism in search of high-performance technologies, to offer the best support to professionals that choose us; the enthusiasm to work as best as we can with a positive and constructive attitude; and finally respect for all that surrounds us, starting from the environment, with a view to a fully sustainable evolution.