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VAT number: 01622060406
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Cookies is On Tour! 

The first original Biscuit Gelato, born from the creative genius of MEC3, was the protagonist of a tour that visited the best ice-cream parlours in three cities in Northern Italy.  

True to its style, it did so in a unique and innovative way, arriving on board the iconic ID. Buzz 100% electric Volkswagen, branded with the unmistakable Cookies graphics. 

A gluttonous and at the same time ecological tour, with three stops in Mantova, Piacenza and Lodi. Here the local agent Stella Ciardelli, in the company of the brand Manager Paola Munforte, visited the TOP customers of Cookies The Original, interviewing them and putting them to the test with a fun quiz, to assess their level of knowledge concerning Cookies, giving them the possibility to win fantastic gadgets for their ice cream parlours. 

Cookies The Original is over 20 years old but still one of the most loved flavours in the ice cream parlour. Born in 2001from the creative genius of MEC3, it has become the world’s most famous best-selling biscuit gelato. 

Its secret? It remains true to itself, thanks to a genuine story made of simple ingredients and raw materials of the highest quality. 

“The year 2023 is a particularly rich year for Cookies, especially in Italy, where the entire Cookies Family is travelling at +30% in terms of turnover compared to the same period of the previous year, thanks to a growth in the number of customers and in average consumption per capita, “says Brand Manager Paola Munforte. “The innovations launched at the beginning of the year, in particular the Cookies Caramel flavour created in collaboration with Lotus Biscoff, have certainly been a great boost. "

The encounter between Cookies Caramel and Lotus Biscoff has resulted in the first and only artisanal gelato that can boast the Lotus Biscoff brand in gelato parlours. An exclusive collaboration whose protagonists are two of the most famous biscuits in the world, their union has given life to a creamy double caramel gelato where the delicious Cookies Caramel variegate blends with the irresistible crunchiness of the famous Lotus Biscoff, the most loved caramel biscuits ever. A combination of taste icons that make it possible to create many recipes on the notes of caramel: biscuit gelato, sandwiches, cakes, and parfaits, perfect for every occasion and every season.   

Although there have been many attempts to imitate Cookies, the artisan gelato makers continue to remain faithful to ‘The original’: Cookies The Original introduced the biscuit flavour to the ice cream parlour, its recipe is inimitable and distinctive, creamy, and crunchy at the same time, ‘explains Paola Munforte. A unique shortbread flavour that dives into a soft cocoa and hazelnut cream between a mouth-watering cocoa shortbread grain and crunchy shortbread pieces. Those who know it know that it cannot be substituted with other similar products on the market because Cookies is unique and Original, and it has been for 22 years”.