People, Planet, Sustainability

"Making Life Sweeter Together" is our mission and it expresses the values that drive the Group: our commitment to the well-being of the planet and the people that live in it.

In Casa Optima we believe that ethics and business are two entirely reconcilable concepts and that there is an ecological, low-impact way to satisfy both. For this reason, since 2021 we are committed to an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) project, consisting in measurable programmes and objectives from start to finish, which can be shared with all stakeholders. An important project that takes its inspiration from the 17 sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2023 Agenda.

Because every ingredient, gelato flavour, candied fruit, decoration, or drink with our brand name tell a story of Values, Quality, Respect and Passion.

Our Objectives

Casa Optima is strongly committed to environmental social governance (ESG) objectives, integrating sustainable practices, and promoting social responsibility and high standards of corporate governance in all its activities.
Between 2021 and 2022 the following activities were completed for all the Italian Plants:
  • Obtainment of Green Energy certification certifying that the purchased energy comes from 100% renewable sources;
  • Elimination of all  plastic bottles ;
  • Implementation of a Group Policy for electric and hybrid cars;
  • Relamping (from neon led) for all the Italian plants.
The following actions are planned to be implemented between 2023 and 2025:
  • Reduction of gas consumption;
  • Evaluation of self-production energy systems in all the Italian plants;
  • Finalization of the gender equality project (with the aim of obtaining certification within 2025 ).

Our Commitment

Since 2021 the Group Casa Optima has undertaken an ESG project. a set of activities that integrate all sustainability policies, understood as Environmental, Social and Governance criteria, defining specific performance measurement indicators.



Concern for the environment is one of the main traits of the Group Casa Optima, which chooses to promote virtuous behaviour to counteract and eliminate environmental impact.

A decisive reduction in energy waste, the use of renewable sources, the increasing limitation of pollutants and the use of compostable and fully recyclable materials are just some of the objectives that govern every production and management process at Casa Optima.

Casa Optima Forest

% of electricity from renewable sources used in the main production plants:

  • 100% of the Italian plants since 2022;
  • 20%-40% of the foreign plants (Brazil and France) since 2022;
  • 80%-85% of total electricity used by Casa Optima.

% of electric and hybrid cars in the total company fleet:

  • 0% electric and hybrid cars in 2021;
  • 10% electric and hybrid cars in 2022;
  • 30% electric and hybrid cars in 2023;
  • target ~50% of electric and hybrid cars by December 2025.

% reduction in water and energy consumption in recent years in Italian plants:

  • 2022 vs 2021: - 6% of water consumption;
  • 2022 vs 2021: - 10% of energy consumption;
  • 2022 vs. 2021: - 16% of gas consumption.

% decrease of total waste generated over the years:

  • 2022 vs 2021: -9% waste production;
  • Recycling of 99,3% of waste produced;
  • Total elimination of plastic bottles.

In 2022 we started a campaign in collaboration with Treedom that will involve:

  • planting 3.500 trees in two years;
  • involving communities around the world : Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana, Colombia, and Ecuador;
  • a reduction in the emission of CO2 of approximately 1.048 tonnes in 10 years;
  • a reduction of 4% d in the total emission of CO2 from Casa Optima's plants.


Our values guide us every day towards conscious choices and virtuous behaviour that benefit the society in which we operate.

We believe in schools and education, we support the principle of Gender Equality in our companies globally, we constantly invest in the training of our employees and collaborators, at every level.

We recognise the importance of balancing work/life, striving to ensure that our employees can balance professional challenges and private life, thus contributing to their overall well-being.

We take care of those who live in our areas, because we are a friendly and dynamic group that wants to be close to people.

Training and Development
Career Development
Diversity & Inclusion
Universities & Research Centres

Initiatives aimed at the career development of our employees:

Casa Optima guarantees equal development opportunities for everyone, without gender discrimination. Our Talent & Performance Management procedures are based on objective and transparent criteria that consider organisational needs, individual characteristics, and professional experience.

  • HSE Training: 15-25 hours of training per employee (per year);
  • Compliance training (231+Privacy): 2-4 hours of training per employee (per year);
  • New Skills Fund: training program involving all company functions both hard and soft skills, with the issue of a certificate valid at European level.

Initiatives aimed at the career development of our employees:

  • Personal Development Program: a project to develop the skills of the Group's people and organisation;
  • Talent Assessment Mapping: a project to verify skills per function, with the creation of a company map to monitor the coherence of skills and any gaps to be filled;
  • Coaching and Talent Management: training courses aimed at the career development of employees in different functions;
  • Campus Optimi: continuous management training project dedicated to key people in our organisation.

Gender equality in terms of % of female employees

The Group Casa Optima believes in the value of people and their differences and is committed to ensuring equal professional development opportunities for all employees.

The entire company is committed to promote diversity and inclusion, promoting inclusive managerial styles and sensitivity towards diversity.


Our Diversity and Inclusion politics focus on six key KPIs:

  1. Culture and strategy
  2. Governance
  3. HR processes
  4. Opportunities
  5. Pay equity
  6. Parenting

% of women in the organisation out of the total: 46%

% of women responsible for one or more organisational units: 50%

The % of women who have reached higher levels and advanced in the organisation (12%) in 2022 was higher than that of men (9%).

Training initiatives with Universities and Research Centres:

  • we collaborate on R&D projects with the University of Tuscia and the University of Bologna;
  • employer branding, career days and placement projects are the main channels through which we collaborate with the major universities (Bologna, Urbino, LIUC, Polytechnic of the Marche, San Marino, etc.), with the aim of attracting the best profiles entering the employment market.

Main welfare programs for our employees:

  • promotion of smart-working, made structural and regulated by individual agreements, also to safeguard parenting;
  • promotion of part-time contracts for those who request them after returning from maternity or paternity leave;
  • registration of all employees in a supplementary health fund to cover the health costs of members and their families and also to provide monthly maternity and paternity support for those who decide to take optional post-partum leave;
  • life insurance policy for all employees with an employment contract in the food industry.


The ESG Board, composed of the CEO, COO, CFO, Group HSE guarantees the correct understanding of the Group's sustainability path in line with the values that guide the Company.

Development strategies are defined and coherence with the established objectives are assessed, verifying progress. In order to ensure that the strategy is monitored and correctly implemented, dedicated work groups have been set up, each with a contact person chosen from among the following figures, plant managers, various heads of departments, contact persons from the Legal, HSE, Marketing and Finance, R&D departments, as well as technicians and office staff.

The ESG committee have meetings every three months to update and advance the various projects and to provide feedback on these issues to the board of directors. The ESG/HSE KPIS are shared monthly with all Group employees. 

Optima is engaged in constant research and implementation of activities and procedures that enable responsible and sustainable governance.

Here are the main activities implemented in recent years:

  • Adoption of the Organisation and Management Model (pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 as amended) for all the Groups Italian companies;
  • Adoption of the Group Code of Ethics to which all Italian and foreign Group companies adhere;
  • Adoption of Group policies, to which all Italian and foreign Group companies adhere, relating to the anti-corruption policy;
  • Adoption of the whistleblowing procedure and the dedicated channel for reporting, for all Italian companies of the Group, recently updated pursuant to the European Directive No. 1937/2019;
  • Adoption and implementation of all fulfilments related to the protection of personal data pursuant to the European Directive (GDPR, Reg. UE 2016/679).

Casa Optima Forest

Encouraging virtuous behaviour and tools to counteract environmental impact is a hallmark of our Group, which is why we have decided to plant trees together with Treedom, an internationally recognised platform that has been working since 2010 with a methodology that brings benefits to the planet and the people that live in it.

From this collaboration which began in December 2022, the Casa Optima Forest was born, a project that is the result of the commitment made by all our companies to help absorb CO2 emissions, protect biodiversity, and support local communities committed to preserving our forest. 

In a historical period characterised by numerous and increasingly worrying climate changes, we believe that giving life to a forest represents our promise to take care of the planet with the respect it deserves.  

Visit the virtual map of the Casa Optima Forest to discover where our trees have been planted and their benefits on the environment.