Eco-friendly, low impact, sustainable.

The attention towards the environment is one of the major features of the Casa Optima Group, which chooses to favour virtuous behaviour and tools to counteract and cancel the environmental impact. 

A significant reduction in energy waste, the use of renewable resources, the increasing limitation of pollutants, and the use of compostable and entirely recyclable materials are just some of the objectives that govern every production and management procedure of Casa Optima.

Hence the decision to rely on Treedom to start a new project and give life to Casa Optima Forest, planting 3.500 trees in different places around the world. 

An initiative that will involve all our companies to reduce the emission of CO2, protect biodiversity and support the local communities committed to safeguarding our forest. Because respect for the environment is respect for ourselves.

We look after tomorrow
by growing trees today

The Casa Optima Forest is a project resulting from the commitment of all our companies to help absorb the emission of CO2, protect biodiversity, and support local communities committed to preserving our forest.

Visit the virtual map of the Casa Optima Forest to discover where our trees are planted and their benefits to the environment. 

Visit Casa Optima Forest