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Utilizzo Di Mezzi Full Hybrid Ed Elettrici

To increase the entry of full hybrid vehicles into the company car fleet is one of the ambitious objectives set by the ESG program of the Casa Optima Group.

Utilizzo Di Mezzi Full Hybrid Ed Elettrici

Lucia Paloni, coordinator of this project, tells us how it will be achieved and what benefits it will bring to the Group and the environment.

What has it meant in terms of motivation and commitment, to be the corporate referent of this project within the ESG program?
I’ve been dealing with the management of company cars since April, so this role has allowed me to throw myself headlong, and with greater awareness, into this project of “electric cars,” included in the ESG program; it’s just one of the various activities that our group is undertaking to make a tangible contribution towards the well-being of our planet and the environment that surrounds us. This task has certainly been very motivating and exciting, both for myself and the taskforce that have contributed and collaborated in this activity and whom I want to thank!

How important is this ‘green’ choice for the group, and how is it articulated in the various companies? 
As a group we are approaching electric for the first time: it’s an initiative, which although it’s spreading at a national level, in some ways it is still a novelty. It has been necessary to create a new car policy that contemplates a “green” choice in the assignment of cars to the drivers, to gradually increase the introduction of full hybrid vehicles within the entire company car fleet. In addition to this, the two establishments of San Clemente and Cuvio are equipped with the electric columns for recharging.

How many vehicles are we talking about and by whom can they be operated? 
We are talking about two electric vehicles intended for general services, one based in San Clemente and the other in Cuvio, entirely branded Casa Optima and with all the 7 logos of the companies that are part of the group. In addition to the electric vehicles, there are two full-hybrid vehicles, respectively for the general services of Bistagno and Cuvio. As far as the company car fleet is concerned, thanks to this project, we expect to have 18 full hybrid vehicles in 2023, against the 6 already circulating in 2022. The two electric vehicles will be available for general services and for the employees that request them for travel and/or work commitments.

What are the advantages of having a green fleet for both the group and the environment?
We expect a reduction in the emission of CO2 between 10 and 15% compared to the car fleet of 2021, given that we will compensate by also calculating the milage of the vehicles at the end of the year. I would also add the plus of having a group awareness that aims to influence our drivers, who shortly will be driving hybrid cars and whom I am sure will be enthusiastic about being part of this change. As they say… “Every long journey starts with a step.”