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It arrived on the market in February 2022, and in just a few months it revolutionized the concept of cocktails, mocktails, coffee specialities & more! We’re talking about DOuMIX? by MEC3, the innovative and extraordinary brand with which the group Casa Optima has entered the world of mixology. 

Ennio Arcangeli– Business Development Manager and the Brand Manager – Andrea Bressan will give us the details in this two-voice interview. 

Six months have passed since the launch of DOuMIX?: what balance can be made? 

A.B. Amongst events and communication activities it has been a very intense period. We have set the sails and we are sailing well. We have received a lot of positive feedback concerning the quality of the product, an aspect that always rewards. 

How has the market responded to the breakthrough of a new line, created by a historic brand and with an important know-how in the sector of ingredients? 

E.A. In just a short time we have become a qualitative reference point. We have introduced features such as highly concentrated products with organoleptic characteristics never seen in this sector, and established companies are following our line by presenting similar products: a sign that we have already done an excellent job! The MEC3 know-how concerning ingredients has helped us enormously, but in addition to the technical part, we have introduced an element that has distinguished us all over the world: our SMILE. Our business approach is in fact the same that has always characterized the fantastic Group Casa Optima.

What does it mean to enter a new and almost unexplored sector for our group? How did the marketing team support you and how important was it for the launch of this new line? 

A.B. Dealing with a new market is a challenge, but the excellence that distinguishes us when it comes to ingredients is interpreted perfectly in the products DOuMIX?.

The world of mixology is a sector where communication and the web influence play an especially significant role. Consequently, we have launched a particularly lively communication campaign with a consumer approach that has made us known. Additionally, the collaboration with our brand ambassador Marco Dongi (bar manager at Buddha Bar in Dubai) has legitimized us in the eyes of professionals in the sector. Digital also plays a fundamental role: the creation of proprietary contents has allowed us to have a style in line with our target also on social channels. 

Which are the bartender’s favourite lines for the summer season? 

E.A. This incredibly scorching summer has forced the operators in the sector to bet everything on good and healthy fresh drinks. In the line Squeeze the bartenders have found the perfect ally for range and taste. Furthermore, we are working hard to make the superlative and versatile line Fruit Elixir known, this line gives the operators the opportunity to create remarkably high standard smoothies and frozen drinks in no time, with excellent results. 

On an international level, in which countries is it performing best? And in Italy, how is the sales network being organized? 

E.A. From the birth of the project, the Middle East remains the reference point to which all of us today must look at as an example to improve development in all other markets, including the Italian market. Having said this, however, in Europe and around the world there are countries such as Austria, Holland, Spain and the UK in which we are developing interesting business opportunities. Concerning Italy, the activation of the distribution network in the beverage channel is proceeding very well and we are developing a truly innovative and aggressive plan for autumn 2022 and for 2023, with the objective of expanding fast!

An ambitious goal that we are sure we will be able to achieve thanks to the quality and uniqueness of our products, and to a team of professionals who work every day with commitment and passion

Any previews for the autumn? 

A.B. In October we will be present with our stand at Bar Convent in Berlin, recognized by all as the reference trade fair in the world of mixology on a European level and not only. Additionally, 2023 will present great novelties for the brand, so… stay connected because you will not be left thirsty!