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VAT number: 01622060406
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The professional growth of our employees is a priority for us. This is why in our Group Casa Optima we encourage and support those that wish to take on a challenge with new job opportunities.  

In this interview we tell the story of Fabio Caro, who after 10 years in the MEC3 family, in which he entered as a Product Specialist covering the areas of Tuscany and Umbria, later becoming sales agent and technical specialist in Spain for Andalusia and the Canary Islands, he now covers the role of Sales Director since January 2022 for Mec3 and Giuso in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. 

Born in Argentina from a family of Italian origin, he spent most of his life in Pisa, but since 2018, he has lived in Malaga, where he moved upon the request of the legendary Joan Botifoll (who has contributed towards making Mec3 a leading company in the Iberian Peninsula).  

What does it mean to you to take on Joan Botifoll’s position? 

It’s a huge challenge, substituting a person of such commendable experience. He has carried out his job splendidly with great passion and commitment for 24 years. He has also been an excellent boss for me. Therefore, I wish to follow him in his footsteps, giving continuity to his work, introducing new strategies and ideas, continuing to make Mec3 number one on the market.  

Which novelties do you intend to introduce under your management?  

My first desire is to open a Casa Optima School in the Iberian Peninsula, to answer the requests of many of our customers. Then I would like to develop the brand Giuso and the line DOuMIX? both of a high potential in this area. Lastly, I want to reorganize the various work areas to be more dynamic, efficient, and quick in giving answers to our customers.  

Which are the best-selling novelties, and which are the flagship products for autumn 2022? 

Without doubt Paw Patrol, both in Spain and in Portugal, continuing with Dragon Summer and Abracadamia. The entire DOuMIX? line deserves a special mention too. In autumn, the Semifreddo’s will be the leading products, tasty and easy to prepare thanks to La Gelatisserie by Mec3, the complete line that allows you to satisfy every request, all year round, with original, delicious, and aesthetically flawless solutions for every party and every occasion.