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Co-branding in gelato parlours

Co-branding is a form of collaboration between companies and an effective tool for strengthening brand awareness that has now also become a must in the world of artisanal gelato.

Il co-branding in gelateria

Casa Optima was one of the first players in the sector to realise its potential, incorporating it into a broader group strategy which aims to give added value to the product with a significant investment in terms of communication. From the collaboration with Strega Liqueur, to the most recent with Lotus Biscoff, Baileys and Krumiri Bistefani, we retrace with Matteo Sala, CMO for the Casa Optima Group, the importance of this business model for companies and their customers.

When it comes to co-branding, Casa Optima has been a pioneer in the sector. What advantages does this kind of collaboration bring to the company and the customer?
Co-branding makes it possible to combine the know-how of leading companies in each other’s sectors, and to develop high value-added projects through unique high-quality recipes and joint communication plans that speak directly to the end consumers.

The advantage for our customers is to have highly appealing complete packages for their consumers, with the dedicated material to develop traffic and visibility at the sales point.

How do co-branding activities integrate into a broader strategy?
At Casa Optima we develop innovation and solutions designed directly for the end consumer, in a ‘win-win ‘perspective with our customers, who benefit from our knowledge of their tastes, habits and desires.

Additionally, we develop unique and differentiating products that allow us to distinguish ourselves from direct competition, which is why innovation plays such a strategic role in our business model. Co-branding, the result of long-term partnerships, mutual collaboration and capable of giving added value to both brands involved, fits perfectly into this context.

Which co-brandings are currently in place?
Each Brand, depending on its role in the group’s portfolio and its positioning, pursues differentiated partnerships: Mec3, a brand present on all continents, collaborates with other international brands, and has had enormous success with its partnership with Lotus Biscoff, extended this year to new applications such as the Lotus Cheesecake. New for 2024, and already a confirmed success at Sigep, is the project with Baileys, which allows you to create the only gelato flavour containing the original Irish Whiskey liqueur.

Giuso, for over 100 years synonymous with Italian craftmanship has an established partnership with Strega Liqueur, representing another local excellence, for a virtuous encounter between two historic Italian brands.

The iconic brand Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italian, for its first co-branding collaborates with Krumiri Bistefani, a company with Piedmont roots, creating a masterpiece of flavour that combines, the wholesomeness, crunchiness, and the iconic moustache shape of the Krumiri biscuits in a gelato flavour.

In conclusion, when can co-branding be said to be truly effective?
When it creates added value for both brands, in terms of Brand equity, visibility and incremental turnover, by meeting the needs of the end consumers who find their most loved flavours in new and surprising recipes.