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Luca Farotto interview

Casa Optima Group's presence overseas.
Interview with Luca Farotto - Country Manager USA

Luca Farotto interview

Luca Farotto joined MEC3 in 2005 with the task of creating the Galileo line, today he proudly wears the shirt of the Casa Optima Group, thanks to which he has had the opportunity to travel, to discover new markets and to grow professionally. An undoubtedly significant date in his career is 2015, when the US subsidiary was opened in Miami: today, he is responsible not only for this branch, but also for the Northern, Central American, and Caribbean markets.

How does one relate to a territory as vast and varied as that of the USA
Thanks to the investments made in recent years, we work in a very structured way with precise tactics in managing several brands in the same market. We currently manage MEC3, Giuso and Modecor and recently we have added Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani and Blend. What we have done is to adopt different strategies, diversifying the distributors and sales channels for each brand, from catering to Key accounts.

How is the USA team made up and how do you manage the market?
Several people work in the Miami branch covering various activities from accounting to HR to the supply chain. They are flanked by Product Specialists, sales agents and distributors who cover the entire macro-area in a capillary and synergetic manner.

How does artisanal gelato fit into the US context?
In this country gelato is still a niche market, and therefore patience and investments are necessary to make people understand the difference between artisanal gelato and ice-cream. We are constantly strengthening our presence with targeted investments, and this has allowed us, especially in recent years, to reach many new customers. We are truly fortunate to work in a company that is extremely flexible and that can adapt very dynamically to all markets,

What kind of clientele do you serve?
If compared to the number of ice-cream parlours in Europe, the American ice-cream parlour is certainly a microcosm, but there are important opportunities, especially for future development, in the channel of bakeries, cruises and casinos, where a product like Italian gelato can play an especially significant role.

Which are the most popular flavours?
The most popular flavour is French Vanilla, a versatile flavour that is extremely popular both for making gelato and for applications in the bakery world. Then there are those that are closer to the American flavours, which are very traditional, such as Salted Caramel, and the entire world of Cookies, Popcorn, and now the new line Salty Creations, the savoury gelato by Mec3 for the gelato parlours, bars, and the catering sector, which we are sure will give us much satisfaction. 

What targets have you set for 2024?
To strengthen our presence in the territory, find new customers and collaborations in unexplored areas where there are development opportunities for all our brands.