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Modecor strengthens its leadership also in the iberian market with 12% growth

The numbers speak for themselves: Modecor has won the hearts of the Iberian pastry chefs! Thanks to two ‘best seller’ references that have performed exceptionally well and a team of competent and enthusiastic professionals. To talk about this success and the objectives for 2024, we interviewed Leonardo Lembo – new Export Area Manager, and Rui da Cunha Area Manager Iberia, the two protagonists of this two-part interview.

Modecor strengthens its leadership also in the iberian market

What was the trend of the Iberian market in 2023 and which areas stood out the most in terms of performance?
Leonardo: In 2023 the Iberian market was and continues to be incredibly positive for us at Modecor, with a growth of 12%. What made the difference, and what is perhaps the most interesting aspect, is that the south and centre of Spain also stood out thanks to our Freetop, an edible sheet for printers on which you can print an image and decorate your cakes; the first on the market  to be sugar and E171 free and which recorded an incredible increase in sales.

Who are Modecor’s main customers in Spain?
Rui: Modecor’s major customers in Spain are pastry shops, restaurants and hotels that are served through local distributors. These are the key channels we have been working with and on which we will continue to focus on in the coming months, thanks also to sales tools that we specifically design for the Iberian market and customer needs.

Which were the most popular products this year?
Rui: In addition to Freetop, our Easy Decorations were greatly appreciated, including for example, the tiny meringues, which have shown exceptional growth compared to 2022. The secret of the success of Easy Decorations lies in the ease of use, as well as in the impeccable result on the final product. 

In short, thanks to our expertise and creativity, we have captured the hearts of the Iberian pastry chefs!

With these excellent qualifications what are your objectives for 2024?Leonardo: for 2024, we are determined to remain at the forefront of new trends, looking constantly for creative and efficient ways to meet our customers’ needs and to offer them innovative solutions, with the knowledge that at the beginning of the year we will arrive on the market with other unique product lines for the decoration of both sweet and savoury creations.

We believe that our success depends above all on the competence and the commitment of our colleagues who work both in the headquarters and on the territory; in particular, I feel the need to thank Federica Rellini (previous Export Manager) who together with the team, began the excellent work, the results of which we are still enjoying today. Shortly, our talented team will soon be present at major events in the sector, where we will share with our customers the Modecor 2024 innovations.